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Self guided walking holidays in Italy

Spending time in the Italian countryside conjures up images of long, golden days, rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves. Away from the bustling cities, in the charming hilltop villages, time seems to be standing still. Farmers attend to their crops and livestock and fields of wheat and sunflowers stretch to the horizon. Vineyards are busy with the grape harvest as the summer gives way to autumn, shortly followed by the olive harvest and nature's colours change to gold and red. Late summer evenings are to be enjoyed in village squares.

Don't rush, savour every step, discover a more tranquil side of a well known country.

Walking the Via Francigena

The ancient pilgrimage trail of the Via Francigena stretches from Canterbury to Rome and has been designated a European Cultural route. Our section of the path in Italy takes in the sweeping Tuscan countryside with its gentle rolling hills, vineyards and fields of sunflowers. Old towns, made wealthy by passing pilgrims, such as San Miniato and San Gimignano still stand today and the renaissance architecture of Siena is a highpoint on which to end your holiday.

Walking the St Francis Way

St Francis, who was born into a wealthy family in Assisi in the 12th century, spent his days wandering the hills and valleys of the Apennines mountains, waiting for a sign from God on how to best live his life, and serve his countrymen. On our path from Assisi to Spoleto you’ll discover hermitages, chapels, shady forests, orchards, olive groves and fields of wheat and barley. The medieval hilltop towns and villages along the way overflow with great history, culture and architecture.

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